Now that's the Frankfort I Remember...

Big Kings, big numbers and big cash! Last weekend's Benzie Fishing Frenzie had them all as Frankfort looked to re-establish itself as one of the premier events on the circuit. But then perhaps I'm burying the lead here... It should also be highlighted that we actually fished 3 days in a row with no cancellation or delay due to the weather! Anyone that knows the Frenzie knows that alone is a huge accomplishment!

2020 marked the Frenzie's return to its original, late-August slot on the schedule and it got a very enthusiastic welcome in the process. 72 boats were on hand which works out to an increase of 125%! (ok, we here you loud and clear... no more Frenzies in July!)

The Big Kings were there too! Now you did have to look around a bit, but that why they call it fishing instead of catching right? We saw one 30 in the Ladies event, a couple 29's and a few 28's over the weekend. In fact, over 50 of the 72 teams posted at least one 20+ pound King and we weighed over 90 of them in the 333.

Big Kings of course mean big boxes and the Frenzy had it’s share of those as well. How about a 10 fish limit catch of 197.35 pounds! Team Gray Wolf came through with that on day 1 which of course is a 19.7lb average across 10-fish! Sandpiper III came in right behind that with 10 fish for 182.80. A couple of AM teams even broke the century mark with 5 fish for 112.60 lbs (Last Chance) and 5 fish for 106.2 lbs (Bushwhacker).

All in all the numbers were crazy and it made for an exciting weekend at the Frenzy which included two massive side bets (over $4,000 each day) plenty of bonus cash and prizes and even a fireworks display to accompany the shotgun start on the final day! Congrats to the winners!

From The Director's Desk...

Congrats to all the 2020 Winners...

Ladies Classic Champion: Jerry Riggin

Ladies Classic 2nd Place: On Call

Ladies Classic 3rd Place: Hooked Too

Ladies Classic Big Fish: Sandpiper III

Ladies Classic Full Results

AM Division Champion: Last Chance

AM Division 2nd Place: Some Girls Do

AM Division 3rd Place: It's Me

AM Division Big Fish: PowerPlay

AM Division Full Results

Pro Division Champion: Sandpiper III

Pro Division 2nd Place: Gray Wolf

Pro Division 3rd Place: MVP

Pro Division Big Fish: Got Fish?

Big Jon Pro Big Fish Bonus: Sandpiper III

Pro Division Full Results

Pro/AM Big Fish Top 30

2020 Benzie Fishing Frenzie 333 Results

Saturday High Five $4,200 Side Bet Winner: Gray Wolf

Sunday High Five $4,300 Side Bet Winner: Finsane

2019 Pro Division Champs - Team Fish Files

2019 AM Division Champs - Team Fish Byte II

Tournament Director: Steveo Joslin



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